L. Andrew Cooper interviews me about my upcoming horror collection A Crowd in Babylon.
"Southern is the drive to remain part of that community despite those kinds of behaviors. After all, it may not be the best place to be, but it is MY place. I think that’s something I learned to put into words from reading Flannery O’Connor..."

I'm a TV star on Dragon*Con TV. A group of pulpsters talk pulp

I showed off my ugly mug along for ConTinual with James Palmer, James, Nettles, Glen Parris, and Jason Tongier. You should check it out.
"I think that's the really trickiest part, when you take actual characters that were published back then, and have to bring them [to a modern audience]..."

I did a thing over at New Pulp Heroes. You should check it out.
"I learned that I had internalized that style of storytelling and kind of blended it with my literary thinking thanks to my English degree (with a focus in American Lit)."

I kick the Willy Bobo with Derrick Ferguson about New Pulp, why Rick Ruby would be great TV, and sticking my hands in too many pies.
"I think New Pulp is in a pretty enviable spot right now. Now that it’s outgrown its source material and can play with style instead of just characters or settings, New Pulp is literally being made and remade every day."

Art's Reviews gathers the team of The Ruby Files Vol. 2 to pick our brains on what makes Rick and crew different from the typical hardboiled P.I.

Bibliorati gives me The Smack!
"It’s literary burlesque. A hint of stocking. A titillating wiggle. Some sheer fabric. But that’s it. the rest of the act has to take place in your imagination. The best of the 1950s and 60s pulp danced this dance wonderfully."
Nicole Kurtz invited me over for one of her amazing and informative Pulp Fridays.
"Pulp is about writer’s shorthand. It’s a way of bypassing the intellect and going straight to the gut. It’s about impact, not thought." 

Lisa Matthews Collins picks my brain and picks it good in this interview at her writing blog.
"Well, I write BEST at Starbucks, I should say. I can write just about anywhere as long as I have my laptop or tablet with me. But because I can simulate the office experience at the ‘Bucks, I prefer to write there."

Renderosity picks my brain about comic book writing and staying busy while harvesting ideas.
"I'm always working about six projects out, and I have a list of the way too many projects I'm in various stages of involvement with on my website."
Peter Welmerink interviewed me about Five Things I Learned writing for Of Monsters and Men.
"I learned that even a “starter” job can turn into something you really, really, really enjoy and lead to a new regular character you'd love to continue writing."
The Arm Cast podcat interviewed me at the Imaginarium convention, and I must say I was a dazzling guest. See for yourself.
Armand Rosamilia interviews me in preparation for the Imaginarium convention.
"The whole book is about team ups between pulp heroes and classic monsters. What’s not to love?" interviews me about "Die Like a Man," my tale for Lance Star: Sky Ranger Volume 4.
"But, of course, being the hero of his own story, maybe Lance doesn't need to be rescued as much as he just needs some back up while he rescues himself."
I join the ESO team to talk about the wonder that is the works of H.G. Wells.
I'm interviewed by Van Allen Plexico for the White Rocket 025: Alabama Phoenix Festival podcast
Bobby Nash and I talk Rick Ruby and The Ruby Files over on the Book Cave
I'm interviewed at the Gateway Book Blog
"Most of all, know that I love to talk about books and writing, and if you start talking to me about that at a con, you'll most likely have to make me shut up long before I stop on my own."
Bobby Nash and I talk Rick Ruby at The Ruby Files at Hunting Monsters.
The PULPED! podcast interviews the writers (including me) and artists of The Ruby Files.
Maw Productions' Kevin Williams interviews me about the upcoming Turra: Gun Angel comic book series.
All Pulp's roundtable interview with all us writers on The Ruby Files
"In reality, private detectives seldom got the girl, more often than not got stuck photographing cheating lovers, and rarely got to beat the cops out of any famous murder cases. And they never, ever, ever had leggy dames with curves like the coast of Florida lining up outside their offices for double entendres, sultry seductions and hard-boiled adventures."
Elizabeth Amber interviewed me about femme fatales at Amber Unmasked.
"I prefer the monkey wrench that a femme fatale brings into the world of the crime story. She’s the literary change in time signature to shift the jazz of the tale from Benny Goodman to Miles Davis. Either one is good, and really good, but one has that something special that makes it a lot spicier to the ears.”
My interview with All Pulp about Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars.
"It was like sticking all my favorite post-apocalyptic stories in a blender and then dumping the mixture out with carte blanche to play around in it and get my fingers sticky -- in a good way."
My interview with the lovely and talented Judy Black.
"I’m very partial to Southern fiction and in college I devoured the works of Flannery O’Conner, Eudora Welty and William Faulkner. There was something almost but not quite magical realism about their writing."
A very special Book Cave podcast featuring all the writers on Lance Star: Sky Ranger Volume Three. interviews me about "Dance With the Devil," my tale for Lance Star: Sky Ranger Volume 3.
"I think Lance needed a character who could challenge his notions of good and evil and who could blur the lines in between them and get his motor running in a way that actually makes him consider—even for a mere moment—cheating on Betty."
Bobby Nash and  I are interviewed about our new book, The Danger People, from New Babel Books.
Earth Station One Podcast #96.
Earth Station One Podcast #87.
Earth Station One Podcast #48.

Earth Station One Podcast #43.
On the Rick's Comic Page Podcast.
With the All Pulp website.
"These are literate, adult tales of people. They just happen to be people with powers or costumes."

With Muley at Connooga (a video interview).
With the Pulse website.
With the Gothic Blend website.
With the Secret Identity website (link coming, archive temporarily down).
With the Comics Radar podcast.
"Lewis helped me realize I wanted to write and reading Hemingway taught me how to cut to the chase with words. Also, it was the blending of Lewis’ Christianity and Hemingway’s existentialism that helped to form my own warped view of the world."