Thursday, March 23, 2017

What's your favorite opening line from your own work?

What's your favorite opening line from your own work?

Barbara Doran: "Old ladies packed quite a punch."

Ed Erdelac: "The rain beat down on 115th Street like it was owed money."

Patrick Giles: "Well crap!"

Elizabeth Donald: "It really was a dark and stormy night." Well, I thought it was funny...

David Gallaher: "This is not a monkey."

Michael Bracco: "The birth of every story is conflict."

Tom Waltz: "Killing my wife hadn’t been as difficult as killing my great grandchildren."

Ralph L Angelo Jr.: "Another when, another now." -- Redemption of the Sorcerer.

Alexandra Christian: "If desperation had a smell, it would be dusty felt, old wood and stale alcohol."

Cynthia Ward: The first sentence is not my long suit. "'You've picked a posh meeting spot,' I tell M as I walk into the cell." -- The Adventure of the Naked Guide

Valerie Finnigan: "I have arrived here on 31 August, '90 after an eventful flight across the Atlantic and Mediterranean." -- Tiger on the Storm

Larry Young: "No real writer gives a shit about anything than PAY TO THE ORDER OF... Anything else is just masturbating."

Jessica Fleming: "They had hung her on the tree without so much as a trial."

Kendall Nye: "The old cat had curled up like a fat black question mark on the couch where my wife used to sit."

Danielle Procter Piper: "The glass trembled in his hand as he lifted it, not really wanting the pale colored liquid in it anyway, but needing it to steady his nerves." --The Fruit of Eden

Tony Acree:
"It was 6 pm when the Devil walked into my office and had a seat."

Mark Bousquet: "The Bandolier filled the deputy’s gut with buckshot, the sheriff’s heart with four .32 caliber rimfire bullets, and then locked himself inside a cell to wait." -- from the forthcoming Gunfighter Gothic: The Bandolier.

Patrick Tomlinson: "That's not supposed to be there."

Andrew Salmon: I was so excited to dust off my hardboiled voice that I went to town on my Rick Ruby tale. And it all began with this line: "The grey pall of early twilight muffled the city’s raging at the gradual dying of the light."

Kathy Messick: "Ladies and Gentleman, the one and only, Jimmy Durante!"

Bill Craig: "Her head felt like her brains were leaking out as she opened her eyes."

Whit Howland: "Huey Dusk knew he was dressed to kill..."

Darin Kennedy: "Freshly turned earth. Ammonia."

Nancy Hansen: "On a muggy summer evening, a young woman’s piercing shrieks of agony echoed all through the midnight temple grounds." ~ from the yet unpublished THROUGH A DARK GLASS, which continues the Greenwood Cycle books.

Shelagh Watkins: "Do you wake on Sunday mornings feeling bright and cheerful before you step out to buy your favourite Sunday newspapers, and spend the next four hours reading the print off the page?"

Milton Davis: "This was not the way for a prince to die." -- Changa's Safari

Van Allen Plexico: "Hawk awoke naked and screaming in the heart of a shattered galaxy."

Brian Hill: "A filthy mist rolls down the grimy street, the yellowing vapour reminiscent of the smogs of my grandparents' childhood days."

Bobby Nash: "Abraham Snow knew he was about to die and the thought of it pissed him off to no end." (Opening line from SNOW FALLS.)

Bill Cunningham: "It began, as with all things, in a storm."

Keyser Soze: "My meatloaf sandwich was delivered cold, and I was trying to coax the blonde waitress into giving me an extra slice of pecan pie, but she was having none of it."

Whitt Pond: "If the dead gripe in the ears of the living, do we make a sound?"

Laura Rucker: "My dad was an asshole."

Brian K Morris: "Christmas was a time of joy ... somewhere else." (SANTASTEIN)

Kay Iscah: "I broke a mirror today"

Deborah Brown: "Miss Norton's shower was leaking blood. Again."

Victoria Oliver Rutherfurd: "What do you do for a living? No, really, I'm genuinely curious. Because unlike me there's a good chance it doesn't involve any dead people."

Doug Davis: "Black and white, and sepia brown. A borrowed wedding gown. Dried orchids pressed with ribbons, pink and white..."

John Bruening: "It was early August, and the summer had not been kind to Union City." -- The Midnight Guardian: Hour of Darkness

Lance Stahlberg: "Reese always wondered how he'd react looking down the barrel of a gun."

Lucy Blue: "To make the black cat bone, you have to boil the cat alive." Opening line from "Black Cat Bone."