Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ron Fortier announces the first New Pulp movie -- Brother Bones!

Dear Friends, Families & Colleagues,

After 45 yrs as a professional writer, I’m about to see one of my fondest dreams come true. A feature-length motion picture is now in production in Seattle, WA, based on my pulp character – BROTHER BONES – THE UNDEAD AVENGER.  He has appeared in short story collections, novels and comics since I created him over ten years ago. But for that to happen, Franklin-Husser Entertainment LLC, need your support. Making a film of this kind is not going to be cheap.

Thus a Kickstarter Campaign has been launched at the link below. I would ask you to take a few minutes to look it over. The talented assembled for this movie is truly outstanding, including two veteran Hollywood film composers. Again, we need your help and note, even taking this letter and forwarding it to the other recipients in your e-mail files would be of tremendous assistance in helping to spread the word. So in the end, my heartfelt thanks.

Ron Fortier
Fort Collins, CO


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