Thursday, September 20, 2012

35 Writers Who Have Influenced Me Most

Yes, that will be 35 blue ribbons, please.
Fiction writers, essayists, pulpsters, playwrights, comic book writers, literary gods and genre hacks, famous and not, they all have one thing in common -- they have influenced either my writing style, writing life, writing career, or most likely some combination of the three. 

1. Ernest Hemingway
2. Raymond Carver
3. Ed McBain
4. C.S. Lewis
5. Shusaku Endo
6. Philip Yancey
7. Annie Dillard
8. Flannery O'Conner
9. Ray Bradbury
10. Robert Heinlein
11. John Fischer
12. Chuck Dixon
13. Steve Seagle
14. Shakespeare
15. Neil Gaiman
16. e.e. cummings
17. Frank Fradella
18. T.S. Eliot
19. Zora Neal Hurston
20. Langston Hughes
21. Dashiell Hammett
22. Raymond Chandler
23. Christa Faust
24. Donald Westlake
25. H. Rider Haggard
26. Bobby Nash
27. Edgar Rice Burroughs
28. Ed Brubaker
29. Chris Yost
30. Devin Grayson
31. Henrick Ibsen
32. Tennessee Williams
33. Garth Ennis
34. Warren Ellis
35. Tom Waltz


  1. Nice list. Was actually surprised to see my name on it. I'm honored to be in such company.


  2. My first thought was ... what a disparate list! Hemingway, Yancey, Hughes, and Ennis (to just pluck a few that are cut from very different molds) all as influences?!? But then I realized that while my list might have different names, it would be just as varied. Still ... it would make for a very interesting dinner party guest list.

    1. And what a party that would be. I'd love to have the influence or money to make that dinner party happen. Wow.