Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Artist Submission for Anathema

For you artists out there. Pass it along to anyone who might be interested.

I’m looking for someone to take over pencil and ink duties on my horror/adventure comic series, Anathema. You can check out some sample pages from the first two issues here:

This is a paid gig, so go ahead and get stoked about that. I pay promptly after every 22 page issue is completed. The very same day. No invoicing and waiting around for 4-6 weeks with me. Do the job, get your money. Easy.

There are 4 issues remaining in the series, and I endeavor to release these things on a bi-monthly schedule, so you would have a little more than a month to complete the 22 pages of pencils and inks. The rest of the time goes to coloring, lettering, and getting the pages ready for print. I like to keep things low stress and low drama.

If you took a look at the preview pages from the earlier issues, you can see that I like stylized art. I don’t need an exact replica of my former artist, but I’d like something with a similar feel. In other words, I can’t really make the jump to a manga or cartoon style. Makes sense, right? Cool.

If you feel up to the task, and you have an online portfolio WITH sequential page samples, please email me at and let’s talk!

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