Friday, December 18, 2015

Ideas Like Bullets -- Writing Challenge: "The Perilous Adventures of Anabelle Flagstaff"

Sometimes I have a lot to say, as recent blog posts can attest to.  And yes, I have very definite thoughts and opinions.  But sometimes, and probably more frequently than not, what really is ricocheting in my head is not some salient soliloquy about writers or inspiring (maybe to somebody) insights into storytelling. No, what usually is filling the brainpan under my fedora actually relates directly to the title of this here avenue of expression.

Ideas Like Bullets.


I have them constantly and without end, it seems.  Some days, everything inspires a story or causes a plot to coalesce in my mind and become yet another member of the legion of stories, shorts, books, concepts that people my mind.  I think they’ve set up a little city in there, even wrote a previous version of this blog as if it were taking place in that city. But I have them, some from as far back as the beginning of my writing days in third grade, that have never really seen the light of day.

So, the original concept for Ideas Like Bullets was to potentially share some of these tidbits at times and have others see what they could do with them.  Sometimes I would describe the idea, claim what right I wanted to hold to it, and let others run with it.  Other times, I simply gave away ideas, things I knew I was never going to explore and that I hoped would see life from someone else’s pen.  So, periodically, I plan to do this. And for this first time as a part of Sean Taylor’s outpost of imagination, Sean has graciously offered to post on this site any stories that result from those who participate in the Ideas Like Bullets Challenge I am building up to propose. So, tip of the aforementioned fedora to Brother Taylor…and here we go.

The Following Idea comes from the brain of Tommy Hancock and I clearly state that although I am inviting others to write based on this concept, I do hold all rights to the ideas presented here.  I, however, will not use the stories that are written as a part of this challenge beyond their reposting here without contracting and such with the writers.

Yes, these ideas are writing prompts of a sort, sometime, but still prompts born from within my mind, looking at alleys and byways I may never explore.

Ideas Like Bullets Writing Challenge
The Perilous Adventures of Anabelle Flagstaff

This idea is firmly based in the movie serial mold.  Not only that, but it harkens back to a forgotten sub genre of film, that is the silent film Heroine/Damsel in Constant Distress category.  So, think of Anabelle Flagstaff as ‘Perils of Pauline’ meets …Any Science Fiction or Horror Quest movie You can think of.

Anabelle Flagstaff is a comely young woman, with curves and all in the right places.  Rich, vibrant red hair tumbles in ringlets around her strongly built, yet porcelain colored face, punctuated by stunning emerald eyes and naturally dark red lips… She is also not just beauty to be admired, but is the top of her field…whatever field that may be.  She is an expert in many scientific, historic, mathematical, and linguistic areas.   As a matter of fact, her skill set is so wide and expansive that it is almost hard to believe.

Almost as hard to fathom as the fact that Anabelle spends much of her life alone. By her choice.  But wouldn’t anyone whose first memory of life involved someone chasing her? And not just any someone…but a monster no less?

Yes, Anabelle Flagstaff’s entire life, from childhood forward has been fraught with perilous adventures, all of them involving in some way some fantastic beast, being, or creature wanting her. Pursuing her. Intending to capture, consume, or consummate with her. And that is because they all know something she doesn’t.  Or at least part of something.

Anabelle is the key to saving or controlling all of reality from the far reaching influence of that race of the mundane and conformist…humanity.  The issue is, each vampire, alien, bog creature, and other such thing that knows this…all have their own concepts about Anabelle’s true import and how best to use her.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that Anabelle isn’t one to take being attacked, chased, possibly eaten, or forced into some monstrous marriage lightly.

So, here’s the pitch-  A minimum of 1,000 words to whatever length You’d like to pursue (If it’s short it gets posted faster, obviously).  Time frame DOES NOT MATTER (although my version of Anabelle has a very specific time frame).  The story must have Anabelle locked in some sort of conflict with a beastie in pursuit of her in some fashion. She can be her usual stalwart alone self or she can be surrounded by people who want to be her friends, lovers, comrades in arms. Because that’s another thing-She attracts good guys just as much as she does nightmares… and yet, even though she has no real clue as to why she is a magnet for the weird and homicidal, she works her hardest to keep others safe from her strange affliction.

So, what I’m seeking is Your take on the above.  Heavy pulp influence here, but don’t discount the fact that there are all sorts of science fiction and horror elements you can play with here.  It can be from Anabelle’s highly skilled and intelligent, yet slightly clueless viewpoint, because after all She is unaware of why all these things happen to her, even when she is informed as to a theory as to why (yes, this could be a thing)…or it could be from the perspective of the baddy after her, but she still needs to remain front and center, either as heroine or quest object.

So, take a swipe at it, send your entries to me at and, after a tad bit of copy editing, you’ll see them posted here and who knows, possibly filed away for inclusion in an Anabelle Flagstaff collection at some point.

Shots fired.  Your turn.

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