Friday, February 19, 2016

Ideas Like Bullets -- Free Books From Pulp's Historical Characters

by Tommy Hancock

In honor of Pulp Education Week here at the blog of Sean Taylor, my full intent was to write a short piece on some aspect of Pulp history.  I had a few avenues I could go, since, although I do in no way consider myself an expert on Pulp, I have a little knowledge of various aspects of the style and field and history.  As I sat down to do it, however, other things interfered, including real life and the desire to prattle on about other things.  But Sean had asked that this be a piece about some aspect of the history of Pulp and I had obliged him, saying I could do something.

But now, I can’t. Or don’t want to.  Or the Muse isn’t blowing in my ear just the right way. Or however You want to interpret it. And it may be that it’s simply a topic that I talk about often, have done countless panels on and will continue to do even more on and will talk about for many moons to come.  But, just right now, this time, I feel the urge to do something different.

But, I made a commitment.  And I do my best to follow through on those when I make them.  So… when it comes to history, what can I share that meets the need of the week and that I feel inspired to do.

How about…giving away free books?

Back in 2012 Pro Se Productions started PULP OBSCURA, an imprint allied with Altus Press to bring public domain characters that Altus was doing reprints of to life in new stories.  Basically, the intent was to focus on little known, forgotten characters and to put these concepts into the hands of the best of today’s writers and add to the legacy of these wonderful Pulp characters, some who only had one, two, or five appearances. 

So, does that have to do with history? You bet it does. Taking something from the past and giving it new life in the present for future generations to enjoy is the heart of what history is.  Not everyone agreed with every writer’s interpretation of every character, but that’s a normal thing. Everyone has their own tastes. But, yes, Pro Se Productions has continued the lives and legacies of several mostly (some completely) forgotten characters with its PULP OBSCURA imprint and today, in honor of Pulp Education Week, I will make THREE of these books available as free downloads for one solid week!  Go to the links below and use the codes that are beside each title and download your little bit of Pulp History in the making today!

Blood-Price of the Missionary’s Gold: The new Adventures of Armless O’Neil (featuring a tale by Sean Taylor) - and use code
FY84V to get yours free today!

The New Adventures of Richard Knight, Volume One- and use HL68V to get yours free today!

The New Adventures of Senorita Scorpion- and use DT57T to get yours free today!

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