Friday, July 27, 2018

New Releases from Pro Se!


When fans of modern Pulp Fiction discuss characters that have made their mark, Derrick Ferguson’s Dillon tops the list. While hitting all the expectations a hero should, Dillon also stands out as a unique character, thanks largely to Ferguson’s skill as a writer. And now, in a showcase of great stories, Pro Se marks Dillon’s first appearance under its banner with DILLON ANNUAL COLLECTION 2018, now available in trade paperback, hardcover, and digital formats.

A soldier of fortune gifted with an astonishing range of remarkable talents and skills that make him respected and feared in the secret world of mercenaries, spies and adventurers. A world inhabited by amazing men and women of fabulous abilities that most of us are unaware even exists. Fueled by a taste for excitement, driven by an overpowering desire to protect the innocent, see that wrongs are righted and assisted by a worldwide network of extraordinary men and women, all experts in their fields, DILLON spans the globe in a never-ending quest for the wildest and most breathtaking adventures of all.

In this oversized omnibus of past adventures, Dillon faces new enemies, battles a phantom buccaneer on the shores of Xonira, runs a deadly jungle race against a criminal overlord, battles dangerous agents on a speeding train in an attempt to prevent a kidnapping and spends an unexpected wild night out with celebrity rocker SLY GANTLET, whose life offstage holds some surprising secrets. Pro Se proudly presents its debut of Derrick Ferguson's International Instigator in some of his wildest adventures in the first ever DILLON ANNUAL COLLECTION!

With an exciting cover, logo design, and print formatting by Sean Ali, DILLON ANNUAL COLLECTION 2018 is available now at Amazon for 18.00.

This book is also available for $35.99 in hardcover.

Dillon’s Pro Se debut is also available as an Ebook, designed and formatted by Antonino Lo Iacono and Marzia Marina for only $3.99 for the Kindle. Kindle Unlimited Members can read for free.



Award Winning Author I. A. Watson, one of the most prolific voices in New Pulp, takes readers one final time to a world of history of fantasy, one marred with magic, monsters, and mystery in the fifth and final chapter his exclusive original Pro Se Single Shot Signatures Series BYZANTIUM.

In a world where Christianity never arose to sweep away the old magics, where sorcerer-guilds and necromancer-kings rule amidst the Roman ruins, Kirkgrim the Wanderer joins a caravan train across war-torn wasteland to the world's most corrupt city. The reluctant hero finds himself trapped with travelers, refugee orphans, deserter soldiers, a beautiful hunted sorceress, and one mad Viking, amidst civil war, religious zealots, brutal reavers, and a growing zombie army -- guarding a secret that could bring the last vestiges of civilization crashing down in flames.

In Byzantium Book Five: SHATTERED BONDS, we learn the fates of the travelers beset by civil war, undead hordes, mage mysteries, treasure-driven treacheries and violent siege, and review the exploits of Kirkgrim the Wanderer, Lady Mirabelle de Castile, Sigroth Sigrothson, Fitz the Guide, and Fred the fighting truffle-pig, those who survived... and those who did not.

BYZANTIUM by I. A. Watson. From Pro Se Productions

With a haunting cover and logo design by Jeffrey Hayes and logo design and digital formatting by Antonino lo Iacono and Marzia Marina, BYZANTIUM BOOK FIVE: SHATTERED BONDS is available now at Amazon for only 99 cents. Kindle Unlimited Members can read for free.

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