Friday, November 2, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#257) -- Celebrity Encounters

Have you dealt with any celebrities within your career thus
 far, and how are they compared to "regular" people?

Several, and for the most part, they're just regular people. A few horror stories, but I won't get into those.

Some of my favorites have included:

1. Meeting Gene Simmons at SDCC when I was writing the Gene Simmons Dominatrix comic. What I learned about Gene is that he supremely values his fans and is willing to piss off anyone who tries to get between them and him. And he's fiercely loyal to a business agreement, even to the point of refusing to sign autographs in the celebrity section and instead signing only at the IDW booth to help support the book.

2. Moderating for Larry Hama. Larry is one of the nicest, more cordial guys I've ever met, and seems to downplay everything that makes him famous, prefering to be just another fanboy of the stuff he loves.

3. Peter David. I first met Peter when he signed some copies of Young Justice for me before I ever wrote my first comic. I had done an interview with him for the now defunct DCU: Next Generation website, and when I mentioned my name, he remembered me. And has since, even greeting me by name when we bump into each other at cons. That says a lot to me.

Ami and Daniel.
4. John Dugan, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He's John Dugan, from the John Dugan Show, filmed in a very Duganesque manner, and after a few drinks with him, that's all you need to know. Or remember. Apparently.

5. Robin Shelby, Slimer from Ghostbusters. The very definition of perky. Very warm and friendly, and I look forward to meeting her at many more cons.

6. And saving the best two for last, the lovely Samantha Newark, Jem from well, Jem. Sam's one of the finest people you're ever meet, and is sweet and sassy and a beauty to behold inside and out. And I love how she and her mom really took to Charis and took her under their wings at conventions.

7. Daniel Emery Taylor, Darryl from Return of Swamp Thing, of whom I can only say, I'm so glad he's become such a wonderful friend along with his wife, Ami.