Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jones, Taucher and Vance reveal THE EQUATION!

The Equation is a novel. The equation is not.

Written by Frank Taucher, Michael Vance, and R. A. Jones, the premise of this new suspense-thriller is simple but deadly: if you knew the secret of the equation and had the will, you could bring the United States to its knees!

Savy stock broker, Dianne Jassinsky, is certain that is exactly what someone is planning to do, but to save the nation she first has to convince someone, anyone that the danger is real and imminent.

Her only ally, the only one who will believe her, is discredited journalist Frank Palm, whose checkered past threatens to come back to haunt them both.

The clock is fast ticking down toward America's downfall -- and Dianne now finds herself in the murderous crosshairs of a faceless stalker!!

Taucher unleashes his expertise and imagination in this tense, gripping novel of economic and political intrigue. Majoring in Agricultural Economics and statistics, he became a very successful stock and commodity broker with several different brokerage firms. In his work, Taucher studied weather patterns, Fibonacci numbers, and different natural cycles that he was convinced guided the markets, and this research was the catalyst for writing his wildly successful, annual stock and commodity trading manual called The Supertrader's Almanac. Taucher's relentless desire for trying to figure out cycles and patterns in the commodity, bond and stock markets inspired The Equation.

Co-authors Michael Vance and R. A. Jones have written novels and short stories, for television and motion pictures, for national and international magazines, as syndicated newspaper columnists, and for comic books and strips. They are both listed in the Who's Who of American Comic Books and Comic Book Superstars.

The Equation is now available as an e-book as well as in paperback. It is available on Amazon at