Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention 2013 schedule

Hey, guys and gals, here's my schedule for next month's Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention 2013:

Friday – 8pm: BAD TO THE BONE- Villainy in Pulp and Genre Fiction (DR1F8P)

Friday – 9pm: PULP, PULP EVERYWHERE-The influence of Pulp Fiction on All Entertainment (DR1F9P)

Saturday – 1pm: FASTER THAN A SPEEDING AUTHOR- Super Hero Prose Fiction!

Saturday – 2pm: LEGENDARY AUTHORS OF PULP:  The Writers of Classic Pulp That Everyone Knows..and a Few No One Remembers (DR1S2P)

Sunday – 12pm: PULP'S FOR KIDS, TOO!-How Genre Fiction and Pulp appeal to Young Readers-(DR1SUN12P)

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