Monday, June 2, 2014


A publisher of Genre Fiction and New Pulp, Pro Se Productions announces an open call for submissions for an upcoming anthology featuring soldiers, battles, tactical strategy, and more. Harkening back to a classic story trope from the early 20th Century, Pro Se opens up for proposals for PULP AT WAR!

“We’ve had requests,” says Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se, “since we started doing anthologies for a War book. Not one that was populated with futuristic battle or focused on ancient armies attacking one another, but a collection reminiscent of Armed Forces stories in the pulps, comics, and movies of the early to mid 20th Century. And it’s a popular subgenre, in times of war and peace. Hollywood built a whole wing of its dream factory around John Wayne and other stars putting on fatigues and hoisting the flag high above their heads. PULP AT WAR gives authors the chance to write those sort of tales, but opens up the venue to any war from World War I forward. Having said that, though, we don’t want spy stories or mysteries masquerading as war tales. These must be stories focused on the soldier, from the every day grunt living and dying for his or her country to the General who rides into battle ahead of the troops. Whatever the plot, these will be stories about the soldier in battle.”

Proposals for PULP AT WAR must be focused on soldiers in actual armed conflicts taken from history. Beginning with World War 1, any known War or military action can be used as the setting and the central character(s) must be enlisted in the Armed Forces in some form or fashion. Also, no supernatural/extranormal elements may be included in the stories. The tales in this collection must be reality based fiction. Also, the Wars in question as well as the soldiers spotlighted do not have to be conflicts involving the US or necessarily United States forces.

Stories for PULP AT WAR must be 10,000 words in length. A proposal of 100-500 words must be submitted to Authors not previously published by Pro Se Productions must submit a writing sample of at least two pages with their proposals. Authors whose proposals are accepted must submit the first four pages of their accepted stories as quickly as possible for review by Pro Se staff. Final deadline for completed stories is 90 days following acceptance of proposals.

PULP AT WAR is scheduled for publication in mid to late 2015 by Pro Se Productions.

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