Saturday, September 12, 2015

Open Submissions from Pro Se!


Known for breathing new life into rare, nearly forgotten classic Pulp Characters, Pro Se Productions announces the licensing one of the most bizarre detective characters from classic Pulp Fiction. Originally appearing in Popular Publication’s Dime Detective Magazine, D. L. Champion’s Inspector Allhoff is remembered by pulp fans for his bitterness, strange ways of solving cases, and the compelling psychological warfare within the stories. By a licensing arrangement with Steeger Properties, LLC, Pro Se Productions announces an open call for two new books featuring Inspector Allhoff in new tales written by modern authors.

As created by Champion, Inspector Allhoff was the star of the New York Police Department in every way, until a gangland attack left him broken, physically, emotionally, and perhaps mentally. Now, faced with cases too difficult for anyone else to solve, the powers-that-be in the Department set Ahlloff up in a run down tenement building near police headquarters and provide him with two assistants. One of them is a long time officer who bears a near hatred for the inspector, but remains loyal to the assignment to protect his job and his retirement. The other is the young rookie responsible for Allhoff’s physical condition and requested by the inspector himself for his team, perhaps as a form of punishment for the new officer. Together, these three work the cases either too difficult or simply too strange for the traditional New York Police department to handle and solve.

“Inspector Allhoff,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “that not only broke the mold of what a detective should be when he originally appeared, but he still stands out as one of the most interesting takes on the archetype ever conceived. This man, the best there was to carry a badge in New York, is struck down and mired in his own bitterness and it completely shades not only how he interacts with the officers essentially forced to work with him, but also how he goes about solving the off the wall mysteries they are assigned to. Although Champion turned out several tales, there’s still a lot of fertile territory to be covered with Inspector Allhoff, and Pro Se is proud to have the chance to do just that.”

Pro Se is announcing two calls, one for 10,000 word short stories to be collected into an Inspector Allhoff anthology and a second for a 60,000 word full length Allhoff novel. Both calls require a 1-3 paragraph proposal and, if the writer submitting a proposal has never written for Pro Se, a 5 page writing sample. The pay for each project will be on a royalty basis and will be addressed with each accepted writer. It must also be noted there will be a strict 90 day deadline on stories being completed once proposals are accepted for the anthology and a six month deadline for the novel to be completed upon acceptance. Due to licensing terms, these will not be extended or negotiable deadlines.

This call will close on September First or when all available slots for proposals are filled, whichever occurs first. All proposals must be emailed to

For writers interested in submitting a proposal, Altus Press has published a first volume of reprints of the original Allhoff tales, available in print and for the Kindle.



In late 2014, Pro Se Productions, a cutting edge publisher of New Pulp and Genre Fiction, announced two new series being added to its 2015 schedule. Today, Pro Se Productions once again announces open calls for submissions for to one of the series, Peter Pixie: Mayor of the Multiverse, and reveals the cover for the first volume!

The entertainer known as Peter Pixie has worked in the Convention business since the 1980s. He has been everything from volunteer to Convention Chair. His love of conventions and all those people crazy enough to throw them truly shines through now that he serves as a Master of Ceremonies for numerous conventions, as well as other events.

As a professional Master of Ceremonies, he has had the honor and distinct pleasure of participating in some amazing events all round the country. Peter is a natural born entertainer. During times he is on stage he owns it and makes everyone happy they are there - the audience, guests, staff - every one! When not on stage, Peter goes to autograph lines to interact and entertain the attendees so they will not feel like they are attending a 'Line Con.’ He also mingles with attendees all weekend ensuring everyone is having a good time.

“Peter Pixie: Mayor of the Multiverse,” says Tommy Hancock, Pro Se Editor in Chief “will be a YoungPulp! title, aimd at younger readers but written for all ages, and the stories that appear in this series will share the same message, while being full of action and adventure. It’s the message that Peter himself extols, that of acceptance and tolerance and power in individuality. That is as much a key to the tales we want told as the over the top settings, the wild escapades, and the colorful characters that we are sure will abound in these fantastic adventures.”

Peter Pixie: Mayor of the Multiverse is a YoungPulp! series that focuses on Pixie being elected as the Mayor of all the multiple timelines, universes, and dimensions that exist. It is aimed at an audience of 12-16, though the appeal may go beyond those limits, and will feature action and adventure blended in with humor. Pro Se Productions is currently seeking proposals for 30,000 word digest novels, 60,000 word full length novels, and 8-10,000 word short stories to be featured in an anthology within the series.

Jeffrey Hayes, artist for many Pro Se titles as well as other companies, provides the cover for the as of yet undetermined first volume of the new series featuring Pixie. The image captures not only the whimsy and fun that embodies Peter, but also the pure passion and emotion with which Pixie entertains and educates his fans.

To request a bible for the series, please contact Tommy Hancock at Proposals should be a minimum of two paragraphs and a maximum of two pages, single spaced in 12 point, Times New Roman. If you have never published with Pro Se Productions before, a two page writing sample must be attached of your work, not necessarily a sample of your proposed story. Proposals should be sent to

Pro Se Productions is a royalty based company. Percentages will be discussed when proposals are accepted.

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