Friday, April 14, 2017



An independent Publisher of Genre Fiction, Pro Se Productions proudly welcomes author Jim Gillentine to the company. Gillentine’s HEART OF THE BEAST, which is a massive novel drawn from three smaller books, one previously unpublished, will debut in late 2017 from Pro Se Productions.

“Jim Gillentine,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “has a storytelling style that is steeped not only in his own unique voice, but also bears echoes of great Southern writers to come before him. Terror, both subtle and shocking, resonate through Jim’s work, and in all of that, he not only finds the story to be told, but he latches onto it and wraps it around the reader. Pro Se Productions is beyond proud to be the home for HEART OF THE BEAST, a seminal work of Jim’s career.”

The only thing that Andrew Bane ever wanted was peace.

Instead, he found love in the arms of Angela. She was the only woman he had ever met who loved him, even knowing his true nature.

But peace was something he could never truly have. Within Andrew’s chest beats the heart of the Beast, full of rage. When the rage is awakened, a price must be paid. A price of flesh and blood. What does it mean to be a monster that can feel love? And what does the government want with the Beast, that it hunts Andrew and Angela around the world?

Follow the story of Andrew and Angela’s horrifying journey, from the dark streets of Memphis to the cold reaches of Alaska, from faraway places to deep within each others’ souls, seeking peace and freedom to love one another - if only the world would let them. HEART OF THE BEAST, due in late 2017 from Pro Se Productions.

Jim Gillentine was born and raised in Memphis, lending a southern flavor to his creatures of the night. His debut novel, OF BLOOD AND THE MOON, was a finalist for the Darrell Award in 2009. Jim is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in English literature and philosophy at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He is married to author Elizabeth Donald, and they live in a haunted house in Illinois.

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