Thursday, November 9, 2023

GoFundMe for Peter David (PAD)

Folks, Peter David was the first comics pro to remember me at a con and address me by name when I was working with Shooting Star Comics. He's a talented creator and needs your help. Thanks to Todd Nauck for reminding me to donate for this.

Hi, everyone. I'm fundraising for author Peter David and his family. He's had some compounded health problems, and the bills are piling up! On top of kidney failure, and the steep medical bills incurred from that, he just had another series of strokes AND a mild heart attack.  

As we wish him a swift recovery, and send our love and support to his wife Kathleen and his family, let's also pitch in and help with their medical bills and living expenses. 

Please give what you can to relieve some of the immense stress that this family is going through right now.  

On behalf of Peter, Kathleen, and the whole family, thank you!

        -- Graham Murphy

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