Friday, March 22, 2024

Show Me a Hero, Sean Taylor's Classic Cyber Age Adventures Omnibus, Gets New Printing!

For Immediate Release

Atlanta, GA (March 22, 2024) -- Cyber Age Adventures classic collection, SHOW ME A HERO, gets a new printing and re-release! That's right! All of Sean Taylor's heroes and villains are coming back for another go-round and will finally be available for sale again at convention appearances and online. 

"Sean is a writer of the first order and his stories have always exhibited a literary bent that’s allowed iHero to defy the preconceptions people have about superheroes in a prose format," says Frank Fradella, founder of iHero Entertainment and Cyber Age Adventures

His omnibus collection, SHOW ME A HERO, features 35 of his superhero stories and all of his "Anytown Gazette" articles that support the stories. Clocking in at more than 500 pages of stories Dwayne McDuffie called "More fully-rounded, more realistic and, as a direct result, more human than all but the best superhero comic book work," the volume hasn't been available at conventions or in-person appearance for almost 15 years. 

Praised by folks ranging from Dan Jurgens and Tom Brevoort to Barbara Randall Kessel and Tony Isabella, this collection features such fan-favorite characters as Fishnet Angel, The Fool, The Grandstander, Marble Girl and Living Doll, and Starlight. 

"I've never been as proud of a book as I was when SHOW ME A HERO was first released," says Tayor. "And I'm still just as proud to see this new printing become available. I think after the success (and failings) of so many superhero movies, the public is primed all over again for Cyber Age Adventure's blend of literary fiction, pulp fiction, and tights & spandex tales."

The new version of SHOW ME A HERO is currently available as a trade paperback for $19.99 ( from Amazon. The previous edition is still available for Kindle (

Sean Taylor writes short stories, novellas, novels, graphic novels, and comic books (yes, Virginia, there is a difference between comic books and graphic novels, just like there's a difference between a short story and a novel). In his writing life, he has directed the “lives” of zombies, superheroes, goddesses, dominatrices, Bad Girls, pulp heroes, and yes, even frogs, for such diverse bosses as IDW Publishing, Gene Simmons, and The Oxygen Network. Visit him online at and

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