Friday, May 24, 2024


Hunter, hunted...Or dare to tame the Behemoths?

In the untamed wilds of Aluria, where colossal creatures roam and ancient magic thrives, one rule reigns supreme: hunt or be hunted.

Enter Age of the Behemoths, a thrilling gamelit/litrpg adventure series that thrusts you into a primal world where your survival depends on mastering the art of the hunt.

Step into the boots of Noah Parker, an unassuming IT technician seeking escape from the mundane. In the virtual realm of Age of the Behemoths, he becomes a hunter, venturing into breathtaking landscapes where colossal beasts hold dominion. These creatures range from the legendary Wyverns and Leviathans to completely unique monstrosities.

In this system, every resource, weapon, piece of armor, and epic loot is earned through the thrill of the chase and the spoils of victory. Noah must learn to track, hunt, and harvest from the very giant monsters that could crush him with a single blow. Experience colossal encounters with epic-scale fights and visceral combat battles.

But Age of the Behemoths is more than just a game. With cutting-edge technology, the lines between virtual and reality blur. Noah soon uncovers whispers of a dark mystery that threatens the very fabric of the game and the lives of its players.

Will Noah rise to the challenge and become a legend? Or will he succumb to the perils of the wilds and the shadows that lurk within this mysterious epic fantasy?

The hunt begins NOW.

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