Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[Link] Read the first three chapters of Bobby Nash's DEADLY GAMES! for free!

BEN Books proudly present Deadly Games! a novel by Bobby Nash.
Here are the first three chapters.


Francis Chalmers moved quickly.

As warden of one of the nations most heavily guarded prisons, Chalmers was not used to doing anything faster than he felt like. Anyone who didn’t understand and respect that simple fact of life could expect a lightning bolt to the backside. In here he was god and everything happened at his speed, not the other way around.

At least on most days.

Warden Chalmers ran a tight ship.

But today was anything but an average day.

Today, he was in a hurry, but not because he wanted to be. No, today the situation warranted speed and decisive action.

So, naturally, everything that could have happened to slow him down did. Murphy -you know, the guy with the law- always paid a visit when time was of the essence. Still, for all the urgency of the moment, the warden’s wide girth -and being completely out of shape- kept him from running full speed down the corridor. He was intimately familiar with the route. Twice a day every day for the past six years he had walked this same route and checked on the prisoner living in isolation and segregated from the other inmates.

Though usually with much less urgency.

The warden stopped just outside the all too familiar cell in a secluded area of the prison that was set aside for some of the more dangerous inmates. Taking in a deep, calming breath, he looked tentatively inside. He had known that a day like this might eventually come, but he never believed it would be this soon. Plus, he expected to be happier about it. He could not help but wonder, Why aren’t I happier about this?

With surprising hesitancy, the warden stepped uneasily inside the cramped cell.

“My God!”

One of his uniformed guards, Dennis Truchess, was already inside the cell. He had discovered the body while making his rounds. He turned as Warden Chalmers entered, holding a large manila envelope in his left hand. Boldly scrawled across the front of the envelope, probably written with a thick, black magic marker was a name.

The warden was not surprised to find the name was his.

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