Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#179) -- Watchmen Prequels

What are you thoughts on the Watchman prequels coming from DC and the whole Alan Moore thing?

Lots of work to do today, but I have to get something off my chest first regarding the Watchman prequels. To all the folks who must constantly jump into any post about it and become rude, please back off and stop making it a personal crusade against the talented creators who are choosing to work on the books. They are workers who have bills to pay and need to keep food on their tables the same way you do.

If you do still feel that way, then I equally ask that you be consistent and quit your day job for the company that screws over the little people on the front lines every day in order increase their own bottom line. I ask that you stop purchasing your phones and tablets from companies that take advantage of propriety technology they (in essence) stole from the true workers who created it.

If you still feel that way, I ask that you stop buying any books, even mine, from your LCS that chooses to stock the books. Be consistent. Even if it means you will no longer have an LCS to go to because it's the only one in your area. Stop buying books from Amazon, because you know they're going to carry them. Same goes for B&N and your local indie book store. And you'd better put back the mayo and paper plates at Wal-Mart, because they're no better.

If you truly want to support Alan Moore, hats off to you. That's great. That's noble. Don't buy the books, but stop being jackasses about it. Nobody likes the vegetarian who makes moo noises while people eat their veal either.

Will I read the books? Yes. I work as a retailer. It's my job. Will I recommend them? Yes, to readers I think will enjoy them. Will I still believe that Alan Moore got screwed over by a legal glitch in the contracts? Yes. Do I believe he's the only one or the last one to ever be in that predicament? Not a chance.

As a writer, would I have taken the gig to write one of them if it had been offered? Yes. Because I too need to keep food on my table, and it would be an opportunity to tell a fun story with characters I enjoy. That's my job.

The bottom line: Be active in fighting bad corporate behavior. But be consistent in the fight. And even while you're doing that, never, ever, ever be a jackass. Nobody like a jackass.