Monday, May 21, 2012

My schedule for Alabama Phoenix Festival this weekend!


You ARE coming to Birmingham for the Alabama Phoenix Festival, right? Well, when you're there, drop by and visit me at my table or at any of the following panels:

Me, with the lovely and talented Charis Taylor, who
will also be a guest at APF (and doing panels).
12:30 PM - Breaking and Entering (breaking into comics)

11:30 AM - Marketing 101 - How to promote yourself and your work
1:00 PM - Page by Page - Join Larry Hama as he talks about his life as a writer, artist, and editor in the comic book business (Moderated by Sean Taylor)
2:30 PM - World Creation
4:00 PM - The Bloody Pulps   
5:30 PM - Steampunk Stories

10:00 AM - Religion in Fiction
11:30 AM - Get it and go! - You get your first job as a writer or artist on a published what?