Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Metahuman Press and Pulp Empire need your stories!


As mentioned just a few short days ago, Metahuman Press and Pulp Empire have new anthologies that need your writing talents!

Each of these anthologies will go to press with six 10,000 word stories in them, but in order to make that work we need more stories! If you have any interest in writing for MHP now is the time to get a couple paragraph proposal together and give it a try!

Modern Gods volumes 1 & 2 are adventure stories of gods in the modern day. The deadline for volume 1 (all pantheons) is July 15. The deadline for volume 2 (Greek pantheon) is September 30. We still have three spots open in volume 1 and two spots open in volume 2.

Spy World features modern tales of super spy types in a hyper-realized adventure-oriented real world. There is room for a lot of takes on the super-spy and espionage genre here. The deadline is August 15. Currently two story spots have been filled, but we need to fill four more.

Supernatural West will feature action tales of supernatural monsters (of any variety) in a classic western setting. Two spots remain to be filled for it. Deadline is August 31.

I Was a Teenage Superhero is wide open for a lot of great super-powered stories, obviously with an emphasis on characters that are younger. Only two spots have been filled in this book, where final stories need to be in by September 15.

Please send all submissions to submissions@pulpempire.com.

Writers will be paid on the regular scale of Metahuman Press: each author receives 10% of gross profits from the collection. For any other questions about our policies, please send them to the e-mail above!

Thanks, and we hope to see a lot of great submissions!

Original link: http://www.metahumanpress.com/2012/04/29/we-need-your-stories/