Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Pro Se Productions, a leading New Pulp Publisher, announces the latest issue of its award winning magazine! PRO SE PRESENTS 10 is now available and features the fantastic, literally explosive conclusion to Erwin K. Roberts' SONS OF THOR!

Freedom Fights! The Sons of Thor Move Toward Destiny! As nations focus on the growing conflict with Nazi Germany, a devastating mission begins that threatens to unleash a horror that could lay waste to the world. As the Sons of Thor begin their final gambit, is there anyone who can stand against them in the face of certain doom! Find out in the Thrilling Conclusion to THE SONS OF THOR by Erwin K. Roberts featured in Pro Se Presents 10!

Featuring Public Domain Pulp Heroes Against a Menace Like None Before! The Black Bat! Jim Anthony! And More!

Available now on Amazon for $6.00! And Coming Soon as An Ebook! THE SONS OF THOR PART TWO by Erwin K. Roberts, Cover and Design by Sean E. Ali! Get Your Copy Today!

Pro Se Productions- Puttin' The Monthly Back Into Pulp!