Sunday, May 18, 2014


A publisher known for New Pulp and Genre Fiction, Pro Se Productions is proud to announce the release of the latest novel from a classic Pulp Author. SNATCHED! A KATE AND CRAIG SUSPENSE STORY by Charles Boeckman is now in print from Pro Se Productions.

“Although we’re closely identified with New Pulp,” says Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “Pro Se Productions has made no secret about the origins of this style we love so much. And Charles Boeckman is not only one of the few living authors from the era of Classic Pulps, but he was also a most prolific author who felt comfortable in every genre from mystery to western to romance. To have the chance to not only publish a new work by Mr. Boeckman, but also for it to be the first book in what promises to be a great series that reads like a classic two fisted tale from Pulp Fiction’s golden age is just fantastic for Pro Se and Pulp fans everywhere.”

The daughter of a Texas mayor is kidnapped. Enter Private Investigators Kate McHaney and Craig Dawson. Their job-Find the kidnappers and get the girl home safely. But murder happens. Twice. And bullets fly, both at and from the tumultuous partnership of McHaney and Dawson. A partnership that has led them through marriage, divorce, in and out of each other’s arms, and may just end up getting them killed!

In 1945, Charles Boeckman sold his first pulp story. Boeckman, age 93, still regularly produces highly rated mystery stories. SNATCHED! A KATE AND CRAIG SUSPENSE STORY By Charles Boeckman from Pro Se Productions is the first adventure of a pair of private eyes with much more in common than mystery and murder.

In a Boeckman tale, action comes fast, one darn thing after another. SNATCHED! Is a perfect example of Boeckman’s style. The mayor’s teenage daughter is kidnapped as she gets out of high school one afternoon. That presents problem number one for two Private Eyes, Kate McHaney and Craig Dawson. Find the kidnappers. But the problems keep on coming. A murder? And then a second murder. Sprinkle in a few shootouts when Craig blazes away with a pistol in each hand. Add in the love/hate relationship between Kate and Craig that keeps them entangled with one another. All that and more mixes together to make SNATCHED! A KATE AND CRAIG SUSPENSE STORY, the first volume in a new series by Charles Boeckman is a sure fire New Pulp Classic right off the shelf.

Featuring a wonderful cover by Terry Pavlet with logo and print design by Percival Constantine, SNATCHED! A KATE AND CRAIG SUSPENSE STORY is now available via Amazon and Pro Se’s own store at for $9.00. The new digest novel will be available as an ebook as well within days.

SNATCHED! A KATE AND CRAIG SUSPENSE STORY by Charles Boeckman. Now available from Pro Se Productions.

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