Friday, May 16, 2014


Pro Se Productions, a cutting edge of Publisher of Genre Fiction, welcomes noted author of New Pulp, Superhero fiction, and Nonfiction Van Allen Plexico to the charter lineup for the PRO SE SINGLE SHOT SIGNATURE line of digital singles.

“I'm thrilled,” says Plexico, “to once again work with Pro Se Productions and Tommy Hancock on a project that gets me very excited. The ideas for the Alpha/Omega universe have bounced around my head for years but something about just chatting with Tommy always gets the wheels turning, and now everything has fallen into place. Readers can expect a rollicking near-future space opera in the style of Firefly, Space: 1999 and James S A Corey’s Expanse series, with lots of adventure, big ideas, cliffhangers, and cosmic shoot-em-up action!”

ALPHA/OMEGA is new serialized near-future space opera adventure from Van Allen Plexico, author of the Shattering and the Sentinels series. A peaceful, international scientific research base orbiting Alpha Centauri-A. A military coup aboard a starship headed to resupply that base. A terrible, dark secret concealed on the moon of Amphion.

General Thomas Jefferson Davis and his UN commando squad have just jumped headfirst into a hornets’ nest of cosmic proportions. But—are they the good guys in this story… or the bad?
ALPHA/OMEGA by Van Allen Plexico will be bi monthly and debut In July 2014.

Van Allen Plexico is an award-winning and best-selling author, editor and publisher. His work for Pro Se has included the adventures of Kerry Keen - The Griffon (in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE GRIFFON), Hawk (in PRO SE PRESENTS), and other Military SF Pulp. He is best known for his Sentinels superhero novels and the "Assembled!" nonfiction books about Marvel's Avengers, as well as various other novels, novellas and short stories for a variety of publishers. He is host of the White Rocket Podcast and the Wishbone Podcast and a columnist for the War Eagle Reader, and in his spare time serves as Assistant Professor at Southwestern Illinois College, near St Louis.

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