Saturday, May 31, 2014


Pro Se Productions, an innovative Publisher of Genre Fiction, announces the first volume of a new Science Fiction series to debut in June. GHOSTS OF DERIDIAN by authors Morgan McKay and Tommy Hancock is the first adventure of perhaps the most unique pair of characters in Science Fiction today.

The cityplanet of Deridian boasts the largest and most varied populace of any orb in ten galaxies. It is also home to the Deridi, six strange figures of energy, the only actual native beings of the strange world. And now the six live as gods at the top of Deridi Tower at the heart of the cityplanet.

And in the shadow of Deridi Tower’s glimmering brilliance lies the decadence and depravity known as The Valley. A kaleidoscope of alien cultures and markets during the day, the network of streets and derelict slavehouses transforms into a maniacal nightmare of danger and crime as the moons rise.
In the Valley, anything can happen to anyone.

A boy, a human outcast, once a slave and now known as ‘The Terror of the Valley’ at age fifteen. A girl, a member of a proud, yet warlike insectoid race hated by nearly every soul in the known universe, cut off from her own people. Both of them alone in the most horror ridden section of the cityplanet. Until one is accused of murder and the other threatened with death because of her race. Now two solitary souls are fugitives together, trying to find a way out.

And all the while, images of The Deridi shine from the top of the tower above them. Looking down on them like ghosts, watching as two strangers unravel the secret that may destroy an entire cityplanet.

GHOSTS OF DERIDIAN by Morgan McKay and Tommy Hancock features the debut of Sajay and Niles, a duo like few others in Genre Fiction. Equal parts science fiction thriller and coming of age story, this first volume in a new science fiction series from Pro Se Productions exposes readers to a world where being different is the only chance for survival.

Featuring a fantastic cover by Jeff Hayes and logo design and cover formatting by Percival Constantine, GHOSTS OF DERIDIAN will be available in June 2014 from Pro Se Productions.

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