Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#155) -- E-Book Prices

How much is too much for an e-book? 

For me, for an average book of fiction, 2.99 is the magic number. I'll go as high as 4.99 for something that is only available in hardback and won't be in paperback for a long time. But an e-book should never be higher than a mass market paperback. That's just crazy. If I'm paying 9.99 for an e-book, it had better be for a textbook or some 50.00 or more volume of something that would make it worth it. I think 20 percent of the hardcover is a fair e-book price. (Particularly considering how expensively new hardcovers are priced nowadays.) But maybe that's just me. Your digital mileage may vary.