Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Submissions: 'Steampunk Originals: Volume 4' launches Saturday June 1st.

Call for writers, artists, colorists, letterers, and independent comic creators:

'Steampunk Originals: Volume 4' launches Saturday June 1st.

This steampunk-themed anthology, published by Arcana [arcana.com], is looking for 1-12 page full-color comics. Open to stories of all tones and art of all styles& media, Steampunk Originals has already featured over 100 creators from across 6 continents and we're still just getting started.

Unlike most open-call comic anthologies, writers/ artists/ etc may opt to join as a team or independently and be paired up through the group. Work is never assigned; scripts and other calls are announced and interested creators are introduced to one another. In-progress feedback is always available, questions are answered promptly, and our team will help to facilitate your process as much as possible.

The terms are fully non-exclusive, creators retain full rights to their stories and characters, and the publishers are actively scouting the resulting anthologies for talent and properties they feel can carry a title ( as Arcana is currently launching an entire line of Steampunk themed series.) Both new and reprint stories are welcomed, the deadline for submissions is Sept 9th, 2013.

  • Introduced in Volume 2, 'Humorous Pictorials' is a funny pages section open to strips and single panel gags.
  • Introduced in Volume 3, 'Asylum' is a faux-magazine section open to free-form satire exploring/ lampooning all aspects of a steampunk reality's culture. [[ Note: All features must have a strong visual art component.]]
  • Launching during Volume 4, Steampunk Originals will be expanding to dynamic media: short films, animation, and motion comics. Steampunk Originals V [[tentative title]] will develop parallel to Steampunk Originals: Volumes 4-8. [[Full Details Coming Soon.]]

Full details are available over at the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SteampunkVol4/