Monday, July 1, 2013

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now #280 -- Favorite Comic Book/Super Hero Movies

What is your favorite comic book super hero movie? 

You'd think that would be a simple enough question, right? Well, not for me. I'm still too much of a Lit major to be that easy, you know.

For me, it's more complicated than that.

1. Favorite old-school comic book super hero movie (in other words, the movie that best brings to life the world of classic comic books) -- The Avengers. Honorable mention to Superman, the first Christopher Reeve flick.

2. Favorite Marvel super hero movie (that may or may not diverge drastically from the comics on which their based, but says something about the human condition in a cinematic way) -- X-Men: First Class. Honorable mention to Iron Man (the first one)

3. Favorite DC super hero movie (same criteria as #2) -- Man of Steel. Honorable mention to Batman, starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

4. Favorite super hero movie period (not necessarily based on a comic book) -- Unbreakable. Honorable mention to Limitless.

5. Favorite comic book adaptation movie (adapted from an actual comic book or graphic novel) -- Ghost World. Honorable mention to Watchmen.

And there you have it, my complicated answer to what should have been a simple question.