Saturday, December 15, 2018

Give my friend John hope for the holidays!

I have a friend with Crohn's who is just trying to stay alive while the rest of us are enjoying the holidays. If you follow John online only by reading his comments on my page, you'd never see it because he's such a joker. But underneath those jokes, he needs our love and help. Crohn's care is near and dear to me, as my mom also has it. Luckily, my mom has my dad and my family and good insurance to help her. My friend John doesn't have that network or safety net.

If it helps you support John, every dollar I make from this ebook during the rest of December and January will be donated to his care fund. Get it for yourself. Give it as a gift. But most of all, help my friend stay alive.

Buy the book:

Or you can skip the book and donate directly:

Please help him out if you can.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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