Saturday, June 16, 2012

MHP announces a slate of open anthologies for writers!

Metahuman Press and Pulp Empire are proud to announce a new series of ongoing anthology titles. These series will continue volume to volume as stories come in. As soon as we receive enough stories for one volume, production will be underway for that book.

We will accept proposal outlines (from 2 to 4 paragraphs) for any of these books at any time. If you have never written for Metahuman Press or Pulp Empire, please also include a sample of your writing. Once an outline is accepted, we will expect a story deadline of the end of the fifth full month after acceptance. Please include the name of the anthology in the subject line of your e-mail.

Spy World features modern set tales of agents of international espionage. The stories for this tale should be grounded in reality, but the more stylized reality of spies like Jason Bourne, James Bond, or Sydney Bristow. Fast, hard plots should be in store here, but try to keep any stories to a PG-13 level of sex and language. A 10,000 word anthology. Unlike the other anthologies on this list, it has a final story deadline of September 15.

Pulp Team-Up features tales of classic public domain pulp heroes as they team together for adventures. Stories should have a classic 30s setting. Writers may use one original pulp hero, but at least one character should be a classic public domain hero. Stories should be approximately 15,000 words.

The Barbarian Coast features a shared sword and sorcery world. This book will feature stories in the tradition of Robert E. Howard, Lin Carter, etc. In that tradition, magic should be treated as something rare and dangerous. Before submitting proposals, authors should request the series overview. We seek 10,000 word stories for this anthology.

Doc Claus is our annual Christmas anthology. It features stories of a classic adventure hero (who just happens to also be Saint Nicholas) and his team, the Holiday Patrol. Authors interested in contributing should request the overview document before doing so. This is a 10,000 word anthology with a deadline annually of October 15.

Modern Gods features tales of the ancient gods of mythology active in the modern day. Stories should all feature either a god as a protagonist or major supporting cast member. While using a god as villain is fine, all stories should feature at least one god in a positive role. At the current time we only seek proposals featuring gods of the Greek/Roman pantheon. This is a 10,000 word anthology.

Modern Pulp Heroes tells tales of new pulp heroes set in a modern day setting. While we will take tales that run the gamut of what heroism means, stories should always feature a lot of action and adventure. This is also a 10,000 word anthology.

Presidential Pulp recasts United States presidents as pulp fiction heroes. The stories will probably be a bit crazy, but should never be played as a straight farce. Please keep stories only to deceased presidential figures. This is a 10,000 word anthology and has an annual deadline of December 31.

Heroes of the Night is a metahuman anthology that features tales of dark avengers active at the night. Power levels can range from unpowered up, but the heroes should be a street level vigilante of some kind. This is a 15,000 word anthology.

Cosmic! is a metahuman anthology, but the exact opposite of Heroes of the Night. This story tells tale of solo heroes or teams of superhumans as they travel the spaceways or fight threats that could alter the course of the very universe! This is also a 15,000 word anthology.

The anthologies will be released under our profit share system. Anthologies made up of 10,000 word stories will pay each author 10% of profits. Anthologies made up of 15,000 word stories will pay each author 15% of profits.

Submissions should be e-mailed to

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