Monday, June 11, 2012

Pro Se and Brokensea Audio Team Up for Pulp Audio Books!

Pro Se Productions, a leader in New Pulp, and BrokenSea Audio Productions, a stand out producer of modern audio drama, continue their groundbreaking partnership!  The joint Pro Se/BrokenSea project was not only the first to produce New Pulp audio books based on material from publishers within the New Pulp Movement, but that led to several other Publishers recognizing the fine work of BrokenSea and has begun what could only be described as a tidal wave of New Pulp audiobooks rising on the horizon.  Now, this partnership goes one step further…

In production now - YESTERYEAR, a full-length novel written by Tommy Hancock, two time Pulp Ark Award Winner (including 2011 Best Novel for YESTERYEAR) as an unabridged multivoice audio book!  Featuring the voices of Chris Barnes, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodward, Kim Giannopoulis, and Hancock himself, YESTERYEAR will tell the tale of a world rooted in Pulp Heroes and driven mad in the modern day with Super Beings!  This will feature each actor voicing several characters, sound effects, and music! 

And it will all be available…for FREE!

As episodes are produced, they will be posted online and available to YOU for free!

These two pioneering companies know the demand for New Pulp Audio is on the rise and want to share their excitement about this growing part of the Movement with You! For Free!

Listen now as Derrick Ferguson, author of the introduction to YESTERYEAR, shares his words with you about this New Pulp novel!  And stay tuned for updates and information on YESTERYEAR from Pro Se and BrokenSea very soon! 

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