Saturday, June 23, 2012

Top 10 Things You Must Know to Write Full Time

Last week, on the verge of his big launch, and with the press begging him for interviews from every corner, I called Shane Moore and I asked him to bang out something that would help the average hobbyist break out and start to make their living from their writing. With more on his plate than I have space to tell you, Moore delivered in his own inimitable style.

There’s some profanity below (also part of Moore’s style), but no one can deny the man know what he’s talking about. We here at NBB hope you find this insightful post as entertaining as it is useful.

Frank Fradella // publisher

The Top 10 Things You Must Know to Write Full Time

By Shane Moore

Yes, that’s right. You thought this was “art.” The shit your kid brings home from school and you tack on your fridge with a magnet is art. Writing full time is about producing a product—not art. If you want to produce something perfect, spend thirty years writing it and then put it in a drawer. The moment you seek publishing, you are entering a professional arena driven by dollars and cents. As soon as you get that truth through your head the sooner you will be able to divorce yourself from your work and create a sellable product for other people.

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