Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Ruby Files review

There’s a great review of The Ruby Files over at Joe Bonadonna's The Dowser’s Delusions blog.

"The blurb above the title reads, 'Every story a gem!' Man, they weren't kidding!

"Created by writers Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor, The Ruby Files, starring Rick Ruby, Private Eye, adheres and pays tribute to guys like Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, Mike Hammer, Peter Gunn, and Richard Diamond. But they've set Ruby apart from the others by giving him more of a wicked sense of humor (which is something I find makes a character that much more real), easing back on the cynicism, making him a little more nasty when it comes to the rough stuff, and making him a shade more fallible: he doesn't always think before he acts, and he sometimes makes the wrong decision. I like that about him. Oh, and unusual for a series set in the 1930s, Rick is romantically involved with Evelyn Johnson, a black nightclub singer. Four novellas by four different writers comprise this excellent volume...

"The fourth and final tale is the dark Die Gifttige Lilie, by co-creator Sean Taylor. When a German national, Gerta Stein, a very unusual femme fatale, hires Ruby to help her Uncle Oscar. See, he's a German scientist hoping to escape the Nazis traveling with him and defect to pre-WWII United States. Gerta fears that the Nazis have gotten wind of her Uncle's wish to become a citizen, and she believes they may kill him, or beat and force him to return to Germany. Ah, but things are not quite what they seem, and they soon turn into a deadly game full of surprises and plot twists you won't see coming."

Check it out the rest here.