Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#197) -- Need a Break

What do you do when you're tired of writing a character 
or a type of story, but your fans only want more?

This may sound a bit mercenary, but it said character or genre is one that helps pay the bills, then I write it. Paying the bills is a good way to stay inspired, after all.

If the character or genre is something that is primarily written for fun or for a low- or no-paying gig, then I may not can it outright, but I will have to move it to the "to be done later" stack of work.

When you write for income (even part-time), that's just the way the cookie bounces.

Now, if all things are equal and I have the freedom to table the uninspiring character or genre, I simply throw myself into something new that does grab my fancy and excite my palette for creating again.