Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now #276 -- Worst Comic Book Movies

What are the bottom five super-hero movies based on comic book characters, the ones that should have never been made? (Thanks to Tyler Hicks for the question.)

Well, let's be honest, there are a lot of bad comic book movies out there, and many of them come from the 70s made for TV set. But to be fair, I'm not going to count those. I'm only going to include the ones that hit the theaters and were supposed to be something great.

And NO, HOWARD THE DUCK IS NOT ON MY LIST. I actually like that movie. Don't ask, and I won't tell. It's better that way. Trust me.

1. Superman IV -- What could have been a really cool Superman flick turns into pure camp and pure propaganda. And not good camp or good propaganda.

2. Superman III -- While I love Richard Prior in most of his flicks, particularly The Toy and Brewster's Millions, he ruins this turkey of a film.

3. Batman and Robin -- I won't waste your time with an explanation on this one.

4. Superman Returns -- This one is worse than the Green Lantern movie. I mean really, did the writers even know who the characters were?

5. Steel/Spawn (tie) -- How did they mess up these? The source material was awesome.

Why wasn't ____________________ on your list?

1. Catwoman -- Sure it wasn't about Catwoman, but if you start over from the title and tweak the dialog, you're got a watchable movie.

2. Green Lantern -- It had big green explosions. I wasn't really looking for much more than that.

3. Daredevil -- Ben Affleck isn't the greatest actor known to the industry, but this movie wasn't that bad. Slow at times, and the normally wonderful Jennifer Garner was out of place as Elektra, but not nearly as bad as people make it seem.

4. Howard the Duck -- Shut up. This movie is fun.

5. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen -- Nothing like the book. I get that, but like Catwoman, if you stop thinking of it in terms of the source material, it's not so bad at all. Kinda fun, actually.