Friday, March 11, 2016

Ideas Like Bullets -- How Well Do You Know Your Coppers?

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me or has read this column more than once that I like mysteries and PI stories, Pulp fiction type things that revolve around gumshoes looking for clues and getting knocked out or somesuch while doing it.  It also is no secret that I like books.  And like is probably much too light a word.  Books complete me on many levels, and the reasons for that are probably the subjects of three or four more posts down the road. 

In a different and unique way, those two things merge together right here, right now.  That’s right, kiddoes…. Time for a contest.

Below You will find a list of characters, most of them Private Eye types, some of them more Pulp Hero, maybe even a couple of straight up comic super types. But, here’s the deal.  Every name listed below has a person in the law enforcement realm that is associated with them.  Most of them are at odds with their counterpart who carries a badge, but some are actually friends, even work hand in hand with the officers they know. 

So, what are the rules here? Simple.  List for each character below the police officer/Law Enforcement character that is associated with them.   You must put an answer for each one in order to be considered for the contest, no skipping or leaving blanks.  And yes, obviously if You want or need to, You can use Google or some other form of research, but just in case some of You have the knowledge base  to handle this sans help, please note that when you send your answers in. I’d like to know the genre geniuses out there, as this will involve everything from TV to old time radio to pulp magazines to comic books and so on and so forth.

Now, I know what you want to know. Is this just an exercise to stretch our minds in futility or is it a true contest?  Well, yes, there are prizes.  Three to be exact.  The first three people who get ALL the answers correct (yes, all, no ‘the most right wins’ here) will each receive a book featuring one of the characters on the list.  The book will be from my personal collection and of my choosing.  What that means is it could very well be a newer title or could go back as far as the 1930s or 40s, depending on the character and what mood I’m in.  And yes, I’ll pay postage, at least in the States. For you who play from across the waters, we’ll work something out.

Send your complete list of answers to with the subject heading IDEAS LIKE BULLETS CONTEST.  That’s important as I will be looking for those emails and, as I get quite a lot of mail during the day, might miss it otherwise.  There is no time limit on this really, just until I get three correct lists of answers or I get tired of waiting for them.

Also, be sure to include your mailing address with your entry in case you do win!

So, without further yadda yadda yadda, find below the aforementioned list of characters.  Tell me the police/Law Enforcement type that goes with each one.  And…yes, You know I have to say it… The Game… is indeed afoot.

1. The Saint (Charteris book version)
2. Mike Hammer
3. Peter Chambers
4. Spenser
5. Candy Matson
6. Simon & Simon
7. Dawson Clade, the Bat
8. John Shaft
9. Jim Rockford
10. The Green Lama
11. Peter Gunn
12. Richard Diamond
13. Starman (Comic hero)
14. The Fat Man (NOT of Jake and the… fame)
15. Boston Blackie