Thursday, December 28, 2017

[Link] Plan to Get Organized in 2017- and Succeed!

Editor's Note: Want to get more writing done in 2018? Then get organized. Organizing the non-writing part of your life will help you make more time to do the stuff you love -- creating great characters and stories! If I could add one tip to this, I would add this tidbit I learned during my time as an office desk-jockey... It's called the 2-minute rule, and basically, it means that if a task pops up and you can take care of it in two minutes or less, then do it and get it out of your life and out of your head. If you can't, or if you can't stop at that moment to take care of it, then put it on a list to do IMMEDIATELY after you finish what is keeping you from it now. 


Hmmm. Somewhere along the way, we’ve gotten “decluttering” and “getting organized” confused with each other. Look, I love decluttering probably more than anyone you know, but there is no prize for the one who purges the most toys, clothes, papers, and whatever is hiding in the basement. A 30-day plan to declutter your house might be helpful, but it doesn’t get you organized. Throwing away 75% of your clothes will definitely free up space, but it’s just as likely to lead to a buying binge as it is to bring joy.

What makes for a life that is organized? Like everything worth doing, the answer is simple, but perhaps not easy.

An organized life comes from lots of small daily choices made consistently.

So let’s not do another 30-DAY ASSAULT OF ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL THINGS TO DO EACH DAY OR YOU ARE AN ORGANIZING FAILURE. Isn’t that what it feels like? Let me offer another approach…

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