Thursday, August 30, 2012

Press Release: Announcing Runemaster Press!

Runemaster Studios, in partnership with Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace, is proud to announce the launch of Runemaster Press, the publishing arm of Runemaster Studios and home to a variety of new and existing properties in the Runemaster Pulp line.

"The arrival of the Kindle and other eReaders has opened an entire new frontier for authors," states Runemaster President Mike Bullock. "A frontier where, with just the click of a mouse, anyone on the planet who has internet access can instantly get their hands on a treasure chest full of great stories."

Beginning with the first offering,
Dr. Dusk: Sentinel of the Shadows Book One, Runemaster Press will launch new stories on Amazon/KDP frequently throughout the rest of 2012. By 2013, the new line will branch out into print, with a variety of books available through CreateSpace.

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