Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#212) -- Prove It

You keep saying you're busy. Prove it. What work is currently on your plate?

Yeah, it can make me get like this on occasion.
Okay. Here's what I'm currently writing or needing to write in the upcoming months (in what started out as some semblance of order, but quickly fell apart).

1. Something secret. (not for you to know yet)
2. Lance Star (Airship 27)
3. Senorita Scorpion (Pulp Obscura)
4. The Wraith (Airship 27)
5. Monster Road Trip (Pulp Empire)
6. Rick Ruby (Airship 27)
7. Danger People (New Babel)
8. The New Deal: Masks and Mutations (New Babel)
9. Ulysses King (or is that not public knowledge yet?)
10. Hookerpunk (Kerlak)
11. You Never Forget Your First (hard-boiled novel)
12. Drought: A Love Story (YA urban fantasy adventure novel)
13. Eyes Bolted Shut (Kerlak)
14. Sinbad (Airship 27)
15. Blackthorn (White Rocket Books)
16. A Rick Ruby novel to be titled later
17. An Abyss Walker short story for an anthology (New Babel)

And that's just the prose.

I also have to finish lettering the Lance Star story for All-Star Pulp Comics #2.

And for comics writing...

1. Issues 2-4 of A Stitch in Time: The Return of the Invisible Man (IDW)
2. Turra: Gun Angel (Maw Productions)
3. Issues 2-3 of Last Chance School for Girls (Arcana)
4. Issues 2-3 of Jesse James in the Mayan Underworld (Arcana).
5. Fishnet Angel: The Manga
6. High School Changes Everything, manga with Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki's Kittyhawk

And I think that's it. For now.

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