Saturday, August 11, 2012

Submissions Needed: The Lost: A Kingdom of Nothing Anthology

Are you a writer who can write compelling stories with interesting characters? Can you create memorable characters who shine from the page? Do you want to participate in an anthology where the profits will go towards charity? Then you may be interested in submitting to The Lost, an anthology with fiction based on the game, Kingdom of Nothing.  Below are the submission guidelines for The Lost, including payment, the setting, and what Galileo looks for in submissions. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Submission Guidelines for The Lost:
Galileo Games is an award-winning publisher of games and fiction. We are currently accepting submissions to The Lost, an anthology based on the game Kingdom of Nothing.  We are looking for fiction from writers in the fantasy and literary genre who are interested in writing moving stories about characters that have lost everything.

Submissions:  Submissions to The Lost must have strong, character-focused stories. Fantasy, surrealism, a literary approaches are all welcome. The Lost are stories that take place in the slums and back alleys all over the world. These stories will tell of a malignant force born out of apathy and fed by despair that swallows everyone who slips though the cracks. Writers familiar with the setting of Kingdom of Nothing are preferred.

Format: Submitted work should be formatted with the title of the piece and the authors name in the title of the document. Fiction should be sent as attachments of a Word or txt file.  Send your finished story of two to eight thousand words to J.R. Blackwell, Creative Director, Galileo Games at One submission per author.

Proceeds from sales of The Lost will go to Food Bank for New York City,

Due Date: Submissions to The Lost are due by September 1st, 2012.

Length: Two to Eight Thousand Words

Kingdom of Nothing: Authors interested in Kingdom of Nothing can purchase the PDF for 7.50:

Setting: The Lost is an anthology about the forgotten people of the world. Based on the setting of Kingdom of Nothing, these stories are about people who have lost everything and their struggle to crawl back out of the cracks through which they’ve slipped. Something happened to them that was so horribly traumatic it brought their lives crashing down and forced them onto the street and into homelessness. A mysterious force called the Nothing has eaten their memories and manifested their fears as twisted monsters that threaten to destroy them.

As a result of the world collective ignoring those who are truly desperate, a force called the Nothing came into being.  The Nothing seeks out those who have lost everything they loved and drags them deeper into obscurity. Victims of the Nothing are known as the Lost. The Nothing manifests the fears and hopes of The Lost into creatures only they can see. The fears are called Cobwebs and the hopes are called Echos. The ever-lingering question of whether or not this is a delusion is always present for the Lost. Some embrace the fantasy while others choose to fight their way out into the real world.

Payment: Payment will be made to authors whose stories are accepted for publication. Payment will be $100 to be paid on acceptance of final draft.

Style Guide: Please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style for editorial guidelines. Only use one space after every period. Please include the title of your story, and your full name as how you would like it to appear in the book at the top of the page.

Gender guidelines: Galileo believes in gender equality, and stories should avoid sexist tropes. Women should not always be placed in reactive or passive roles, and female characters should be treated with the same interest and respect given male characters.