Saturday, October 25, 2014

Christabel's Tales -- New eBook from Lucy Blue!

If a guy pulls you safely from your burning SUV moments before it explodes, you pretty much have to fall in love with him.  Novelist Christabel McLaughlin is rescued by Bernard, a handsome scientist with a bone dry wit and messy curls that flop across his forehead, a sapiosexual’s dream.  His mansion in the mountains is the perfect place to be snowed in, a fully staffed refuge from the storm, and Bernard is much more than the perfect host.  But soon that magically efficient staff is acting rather strangely, particularly the housekeeper, Mrs. Sealy.  And Bernard shows signs of having secrets of his own.  Before the snow stops falling, Christabel finds herself in a very grown-up, real life fairy tale.  Only $4.99! Available from, 10/20/2014 wherever e-books are sold.

About the author: Lucy Blue is an author of contemporary and paranormal romance and gothic horror. Formerly a mid-list paranormal romance writer for Pocket Books, she has sold thousands of books and e-books around the world and seen her work translated into German and Italian. She lives in the deeply Southern gothic town of Chester, South Carolina, with her husband, artist Justin Glanville, and their shockingly spoiled Jack Russell terrier, Luke.