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In April 2013, Pro Se Productions, an innovative Publisher of Genre Fiction, released Black Pulp, a groundbreaking bestselling collection of tales from a variety of authors. While each story was cast in the classic Pulp mold in many ways, the characters were original and many pushed boundaries of the conventions they represented. Pro Se proudly announces that one of the most popular characters from the anthology debuts today in his own digest novel. Take to the skies once again with the smoothest wing jockey ever in Christopher Chamber’s Rocket Crockett and The Shanghai She-Devil.

“Lightning in a bottle,” says Pro Se Productions Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock, “is really cool when it happens for Pro Se. And that describes the sensation that is Rocket Crockett. Christopher Chambers can not only tell a rollicking Pulp tale, replete with action, adventure, bullets, and punches, but he does it in a style all his own. Simultaneously this novel evokes the over the top roller coaster rides that epitomize Classic Pulp and carries a resonance that rings loud and clear with modern readers.”

Dusky derring-doer and Korean War jet jockey Lt. Rufus "Rocket" Crockett has thwarted a plot to flood America with a new species of heroin. But he has offended a terrifying, irresistible enemy: the Shanghai She-Devil. Her recompense? His flesh, his very soul. In this homage to 1950s pulp, our hero battles gangsters on the streets of Harlem, assassins in the High Sierras, and MiGs in the skies over the South China Sea toward his showdown with an ancient evil! Author Christopher Chambers’ high flying hero takes to the skies once more in Rocket Crockett and the Shanghai She-Devil from Pro Se Productions! 

"I'm proud,” says Chambers, “to dive in the pulp pool after dipping in my toe in it. I hope Rocket's old-school, retro adventures make that pool richer and deeper."

Reviews of Rocket Crockett and the Shanghai She-Devil promise readers a highoctane thrill ride:

"This stew of Cold War adventure, sorcery and post-modern cheek carries echoes of both Quentin Tarantino and Iceberg Slim, but it’s safe to say that Christopher Chambers has found a pulp niche all his own!"
--Louis Bayard, New Times Bestselling author of "Roosevelt's Beast" and "Mr. Timothy
“Strap in, adjust your goggles and get ready for a rip-roaring adventure as Christopher Chambers burns his storytelling jets incandescent in Rocket Crockett and the Shanghai She-Devil.”
--Gary Phillips, Black Pulp and Nate Hollis

Rocket Crockett and the Shanghai She-Devil features a dynamic cover by Kristopher Michael Mosby with logo design and print formatting by Percival Constantine. This first in stand alone volume featuring Crockett is available at Amazon and at Pro Se’s own store for only $10.00. The book will be available in various digital formats in coming days.

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