Friday, October 3, 2014



Known as an innovative Publisher, Pro Se Productions has garnered a reputation for signing the best and brightest authors and artists in Genre Fiction, from best selling novelists to first time creators. Today, Pro Se announces signing Ellie Raine, both an author and an artist.

“Pro Se,” says Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock, “is always looking for the right people to add to what we are doing. And it’s always great to find talented authors and artists. It’s especially fun to find those special few who not only have both skills, but do them both well. Ellie’s acumen as an artist will be a wonderfully fantastic addition to our already excellent lineup of covers. Though her work has a fantasy feel to it, her ability to work in various styles is a great asset. And as a writer, she has the background many of us have- a fan first who realized she has stories to tell. And again, she’s not afraid to jump into the fray, already taking her first assignment for Pro Se, a concept that was suggested by two other authors. But trust me, everything in the final product will be terrific and all Ellie Raine.”

Born May 5th, 1991, as the fourth--and last--sibling of three book loving brothers, and daughter of two electrical engineers with many shelves full of science-fiction/ fantasy novels, Ellie Raine caught the book bug and hopes to Gods she never recovers.

Ellie was on her way to becoming a Game Art and Design major at the Art Institute of Atlanta, but once she began writing her game idea as a book, there was no going back. Still passionate about her artwork, she’s found a way to juggle being both a writer and artist—and on occasion, sings and dances swing, if the fever comes on.

Hancock states that Ellie is already working on her first Pro Se work, featuring a decidedly different take on the classic Private Eye story. Covers are also being developed and considered for her to begin work on.

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