Monday, December 29, 2014

Pro Se Looking for Editors and Formatters

ATTENTION- PRO SE PRODUCTIONS is embarking on a daring mission for the first two months of 2015! In order to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves, we are in search of Copy Editors, Content Editors, and Formatters for at least from January 1 through March 1. Although these are not necessarily traditional paying positions, compensation such as unlimited free digital copies of all Pro Se works for Editors as well as a royalty percentage for formatters is available.

If you have experience as an editor or would like to become an editor, email Morgan McKay at

If you are skilled at formatting, please email samples of your work to Tommy Hancock at

Again, we are opening these additional positions for January through March 2015, but the positions can continue on beyond the first two months of the year potentially.

Pro Se Productions has left its mark on Genre Fiction and New Pulp in 2014. Join us on a really wild ride to kick off 2015 like no one ever has before.

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