Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Old Weird South now available!

For your holiday shopping pleasure, at long last, The Old Weird South anthology is available for purchase! (featuring my new tale, "To Gnaw the Bones of Wolf-Mother")...

From the publisher:
This collection of twenty four new stories explores the supernatural side of the American South. Stretching from the Civil War to the present day, these stories visit mysterious bingo parlors and meet devils at the crossroads; they see battles in Florida’s citrus orchards and explore haunted bed & breakfasts. The authors included here speak with as many voices as the South itself, sometimes with great literary skill and sometimes spinning yarns from the front porch. The Old Weird South showcases the eerie, spooky, macabre, and supernatural that is an essential part of the character and literature of the South.

“Ghost Dog of Georgia” by Camille Alexa
“To Gnaw the Bones of the Wolf-Mother” by Sean Taylor
“Yalobusha County, 1862″ by Ken Teutsch
“Yankees in Georgia: Chasing Ghosts and the General along the Old W&A Railroad” by Lewis Powell IV
“A Hunnerd Dollars, Gold” by Peter Mehren
“The South, Rise Again” by DL Thurston
“The Dragon and the Shark” by David Boop
“Matty and the Grey Man” by Lara Ek
“Railroad Bill” by Janice Croom
“Passage” by Daniel Powell
“The Devil at the Crossroads” by Wenonah Lyon
“A Busy Day for the Bayou Banshee” by Herb Shallcross
“The Spook Light” by Jay Rogers
“That Damned Game” by Kristina R. Mosley
“Tennessee Ghosts” by Stephen Newton
“The Gift of Understanding” by Sherry Fasano
“Bradford House” by Laura Haddock
“Storm Fronts” by Michael Hodges
“The Healer” by Josh Strnad
“A True Story about the Devil and Jamie’s Shoes” by Megan Engelhardt
“Murdock” by Chris Dezarn
“Underwater” by Erin Mundy
“The End of Grace” by Meriah Lysistrata Crawford
“Florida Natural” by Ben Bowlin 
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Barnes & Noble and other booksellers editions are also coming very soon. They just take longer than Amazon and Smashwords for files to make it through the pipeline.

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