Friday, December 14, 2012

The Best Graphic Novels Ever #28 -- Children of the Grave

28. Children of the Grave
by Tom Waltz and Casey Maloney
Published by IDW Publishing

I almost took this off the list because I'm a good friend of Tom Waltz, but in the end I just couldn't. It's that good, a fantastically creepy ghost story about military incursions, terrorism, and parental issues. And Maloney's art sets the mood perfectly.

Waltz's time as a soldier really lends a realistic tone to what would otherwise be a merely supernatural tale. Not only that, he has a way of pegging both the protagonists and antagonists (I dare not say good guys and bad guys for this one) with believable stories and motives and drives.

For the "rules" I'm using for graphic novel, check the original post.