Sunday, November 30, 2014

Once More With Mustache...

Today's the last day of Movember, and I want to make one last push to encourage you to donate to help raise money to stop prostate and testicular cancer. I know the whole "No Shave November" and Movember thing can be treated as a joke, but it isn't to me. I didn't grow this mustache to be some kind of hipster or get out of shaving. I don't need excuses not to shave. Ask my wife. And I'm not at all a fan of the way I look in a 'stache. Because, c'mon, I look like the bastard love child of Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds.

I did this for a reason. I chose to look like a porn star from the neck up for a reason. I chose to grow something that would keep my wife from kissing me for a month for a reason.

So why did I do this? I did this because too many people among my friends my family have had and died from cancer. Prostate cancer. Lung cancer. I did this because several of my family members have survived cancer. Breast cancer and lymph node cancer, for example.

I did this because Breast Cancer Awareness gets cute ribbons and lots of attention and because everyone loves and wants to save the boobies. But it's important that we realize that the dangers of cancer don't stop with the well-beloved boobies.

That's why I did this. Because maybe one day other people won't have to grow a mustache just as a mere event to highlight the oft-forgotten and oft-joked-about forms of cancer that affect the testicles (we can say the word without snickering -- we're big boys and girls here) and the prostate.

And I encourage everyone reading this to match the measly 10 dollars I donated myself at the beginning of the month. Do you have a friend or relative who survived cancer? Then donate in honor of their life and victory. Do you have a friend or relative who died of cancer? Then donate in their memory in the hopes that one day no more will die.

That's why I did this. I'm not hero. Not even close. But together we can be one heck of a hero if we pool our resources.

So, please, if you can, please donate at this link:

Thank you.

Sean Taylor