Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hey, Western Fans: Bill Craig's COMANCHE STATION hits the Kindle with guns blazing!

Bill's newest release features four tales of Western action for only $1.49, including:

Comanche Station follows young Sierra Lane as she takes over the running of an Arizona stagecoach station with the help of her younger brother Caleb. She also encounters a young Texas Ranger Colt Newby who is on the trail of an outlaw band.

Gun Trouble is another tale of the Station and the town of Boulder Springs in which a store owner has sent out a call for help when villianous gambler Johnny Kyle is trying to take over the town.  But when the Morgan cousins come riding in to help their cousin out, they also befriend the Lane family.

In Redemption Flats, Bounty Hunter Jim Bolan helps a former lost soul find peace in a place where it would be least likely to be found.

In the fourth story, Gambler's Hand, a peaceful man is driven to the point where he has no choice but to once again take up his guns.

To purchase the brand new e-book, exclusively for the Kindle, click here.

For more information about Bill and his other works, visit his website.