Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Digital Comic Books -- Brian Wood Speaks Out

"Everyone I know loves comic shops.  Everyone I know who makes comics, especially creator-owned comics, is hurting, financially.  EVERYONE is bleeding, its a bad time.  So to what extent does digital as a publishing format represent an additional revenue stream, one on top of print sales through shops, one that can ease some of the suffering?

"Don’t know.  No one knows, because we aren’t seeing true sales numbers yet.  No one’s figured out what the magic price point is, because none of the big players have taken the risk and offered a 99 cent comic, or a 1.99 comic, etc., in a meaningful way.  The price point is being kept artificially high out of deference to our retail partners.  The price that fair-minded readers WANT to buy digital comics at is starkly different from what’s they are currently set at."

Read the rest of this spot-on post at: http://brianwood.tumblr.com/post/13826679493/the-digital-question-mark