Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#74) -- Coffee and Conversation

If you could have an uninterrupted hour of coffee and 
conversation with any one living writer, whom would you choose?

This response could change on a daily basis sometimes, depending on what I'm reading. And sadly, the authors I'd most love to share a cup of coffee with are now dead.

But for living writers, at the moment, I'd have to go with Annie Dillard. I've loved her way of seeing the world and then transcribing her vision to words ever since I read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek for a college assignment way back when I was a lot younger.

Ironically, the thing I wouldn't want to talk about with her would be writing stuff. I'd really just prefer to sit back, sip my espresso and let her tell me about moths and broken tree limbs in her own beautifully fascinating way. And with any luck, she wouldn't notice when my hour was up.